Today in the city Quebec 19.10.2017
The dark clouds behind Singh’s sunny ways

The federal NDP Leader’s wink-wink encouragement for Sikh militants and Quebec separatists is no different than the dog-whistle politics of some conservatives

Designer Caroline Néron on building a thriving Canadian fashion brand

The Quebec designer discusses her vision and why, even though she’s an artist, commerciality is not a dirty word

Quebec law banning face coverings is neither neutral nor constitutional

To meet the Charter's requirements, the benefit of a law needs to outweigh the harms imposed, and here religious freedoms will be violated for entirely illusory benefits.

Just for Laughs president Gilbert Rozon stepping down amid allegations

Gilbert Rozon, a giant in the Quebec entertainment industry, is stepping down from various positions amid what he calls 'allegations involving him.'

Quebec Radio Host Eric Salvail On Leave After Sexual Harassment Accusations

MONTREAL — A popular Quebec media personality who is facing an array of sexual misconduct allegations took a leave from his professional activities Wednesday as employers and clients distanced t...

71 puppies up for adoption after rescue from suspected Quebec puppy mill

More than 70 dogs rescued from decrepit living conditions in a suspected Quebec puppy mill are now looking for new homes.

There’s Nothing Neutral About Quebec Public Service Ban On Face Coverings

On Wednesday, Bill 62 became law in Quebec. The bill requires those giving or receiving public services to have their face uncovered. In practice, this means that, for example, it will be illegal for...

Quebec's new religious neutrality law offers a special level of hypocrisy: Neil Macdonald

Quebec nationalists have always claimed that theirs is a "civic," utterly non-ethnic, non-religious nationalism. I never bought the idea that such a thing existed. There's even less reason to believe...

Quebec and its niqab legislation needs to stay out of women’s closets: Paradkar

A bill that seeks to legislate clothing ends up linking emancipation of women to how little or how much they wear. In doing so, it works against choice.

Quebec bus drivers seek clarity on law that would ban Muslim passengers with niqabs

Montreal bus drivers are hoping for clarity — and bracing themselves for headaches — as Quebec moves to pass legislation that would require a Muslim woman who wears a niqab or burka to uncover her fac...

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