Today in the city Quebec 13.08.2020

Weather in the city Quebec for week

13/08/2020 Day's temperature: 27.51°C

облачно с прояснениями
t° max: 27.61°C  t° min:18.26°C

Humidity: 50%, Pressure:1019

14/08/2020 Day's temperature: 22.72°C

t° max: 22.72°C  t° min:14.75°C

Humidity: 53%, Pressure:1021

15/08/2020 Day's temperature: 20.53°C

t° max: 23.32°C  t° min:15.54°C

Humidity: 62%, Pressure:1022

16/08/2020 Day's temperature: 21.43°C

t° max: 24.27°C  t° min:14.78°C

Humidity: 59%, Pressure:1019

17/08/2020 Day's temperature: 20.99°C

небольшой дождь
t° max: 20.99°C  t° min:14.97°C

Humidity: 68%, Pressure:1012

18/08/2020 Day's temperature: 18.63°C

небольшой дождь
t° max: 21.26°C  t° min:13.15°C

Humidity: 75%, Pressure:1009

19/08/2020 Day's temperature: 18.58°C

t° max: 21.91°C  t° min:10.22°C

Humidity: 51%, Pressure:1016

20/08/2020 Day's temperature: 18.86°C

небольшой дождь
t° max: 21.32°C  t° min:15.36°C

Humidity: 75%, Pressure:1013

21/08/2020 Day's temperature: 19.05°C

облачно с прояснениями
t° max: 21.76°C  t° min:11.63°C

Humidity: 51%, Pressure:1017

22/08/2020 Day's temperature: 20.05°C

t° max: 25.55°C  t° min:14.97°C

Humidity: 83%, Pressure:1010

Weather in the city Quebec the week
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